Strolling through
old Nice

Catherine Ungar et Marcelle Vialle


Old Nice is always brimming with excitement and colour ; nothing is ever halfway. The historic city centre is also the trendiest part of town. If you intend to make a short visit, you will likely stay for hours. Here, indeed, you will find the true Nissart art of living. A relaxed restful atmosphere, good cheer, tasty specialities, an incomparable way of looking on the right side of the life. This stroll alongside Catherine Ungar and Marcelle Vialle will take you off to discover many facets of the old town of Nice : Baroque, mercantile, sacred, artistic…

15 x 21 cm I 52 pages I
Version anglaise
150 photographies et illustrations

ISBN : 978-2-90357-457-4 I Parution : Juin 2007
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